Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pontoon

Purchasing Pontoon

Purchasing a pontoon, like purchasing any boat, is an exciting process but a huge commitment. From size to seating to pricing, there are many factors to consider before making your decision.



One of the best parts of pontoon boats is their space and seating capacity. Consider how many people you’ll have on board and what activities you plan to do. For example, if you think you will have gatherings with family and friends, go with a pontoon with plenty of seating options and space for socializing and entertaining.



Consider how you will use your pontoon once purchased. Are you mostly interested in cruising, fishing trips, or water sports? Different pontoons are designed with specific activities in mind, so choose a boat with features that you know you’ll make use of the most. 


Pricing/New vs Used

Your budget plays a big role in any boat purchase. Decide on your range and explore options within that range. While newer pontoons offer all of the latest features, you may want to consider a used pontoon if you’re on a budget and need something similar. Be sure to inspect your used boat thoroughly before making your decision.


Pontoon vs Tritoon

Another thing to consider is whether you’re interested in purchasing a tritoon or a pontoon. What is the difference, you may ask? Pontoon boats are equipped with two aluminum pontoons (floating cylinders that provide buoyancy and stability to the boat) while Tritoons feature three. The extra pontoon provides stability, buoyancy, and performance, making them well-suited for rougher waters.



Consider where you’ll be using your pontoon the most. Will you be navigating lakes, rivers, or coastal waters? The type of water you’ll be in can determine the type or model of pontoon you choose. For example, if you know that you’ll be in choppier waters, tritoons make an excellent choice because they are more stable with their additional pontoon underneath.



Purchasing a pontoon is an exciting experience that requires careful planning and knowing exactly what you want. By evaluating factors such as space, usage, price, and more, you can make an informed decision that will ensure many enjoyable years on the water! 


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