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Cabrio Tritoon

Are you on the hunt for a family-friendly boat that has room to bring everyone together on the
water or one built to handle water sports? Look no further than a tritoon boat!

What Is A Tritoon?

A tritoon is a type of pontoon that is known for its stability and luxury on the water. Unlike the
traditional pontoon boat that features two tubes or “toons” underneath, the tritoon has three
tubes, which enhances its balance and buoyancy.

Tritoons Have Enhanced Stability

With three toons instead of two, tritoons provide extra stability on the water. This ensures a
smoother ride, even in choppy conditions, making it ideal for lounging, hosting events with
friends and family, adventure, and more. Tritoon boats are ideal for lakes, bays, rivers, and
intercoastal near shore areas. Always check expected weather conditions and be prepared
before venturing out.

Tritoons Have Improved Performance

The third tube on a tritoon enhances buoyancy and the ability to handle choppier wave action.
Additionally, a tritoon’s build allows for higher horsepower engines than the standard pontoon,
making navigating big water easier and watersports such as skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding a

Is A Tritoon Better Than A Pontoon?

Choosing between a tritoon and a pontoon depends on your specific needs. If you want a vessel
suited for adventurous water activities, larger groups of people, and navigating choppy waters, a
tritoon will be the best choice. However, a pontoon may do the trick if you’re focused on casual
boating on small, calm bodies of water or in shallower areas.

Pricing is another factor to consider. Tritoons generally do cost more than pontoons, because of
their additional tube and other added features that allow for higher performance capacity and
flexibility in waterways they are suited for. Know your budget and the on-the-water lifestyle that
you desire.


In conclusion, a tritoon is perfect for stability, performance, and luxury on the water. With its
three toons providing enhanced support and efficiency, the tritoon is an excellent choice for
watersports, hosting gatherings, and more! For more information about our wide variety of boats, check out our models here.

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